13-15 May 2016 Birthday Tango Weekend Minsk, Belarus


Dear friends!

We have a great reason to invite you to Minsk again this warm blooming May!

And the reason is Birthday Party of Minsk Saturday milonga that turns 5 years old!

It all began on Saturday, May 14, 2011 in a sports hall in Nekrasova street, 6th floor with no elevator, practica+milonga for 10000 BYR!, home made pies, hand made furniture, colored lights… :)

Since then we have held more than 200 milongas and we are happy that so many people have been attending them and dancing!

Let’s celebrate it together!

Accommodation: close to milongas are Traveler hostel and hotel Monastyrski. Also you can book an apartment or hotel room via booking.com or airbnb.com.

If you need a visa, please, see this page.


Fri 13.0521:30 - 02:30Ania PoliakovaKvartal100 000 р.
(4.50 €*)
Sat 14.0520:00 - 00:00Dasha SukhorukovaKvartal200 000 р.
(9 €*)
00:00 - 05:00Alisa Zurmutai
Sun 15.0514:00 - 18:00Sasha VolcheckOpen-air100 000 р.
(4.50 €*)
20:00 - 00:00Lesha DoroschenkoKvartal

Full pass — 340 000 Belarussian roubles. (15 €*) — can be payed only in advance.
Open air is free for everyone attending night milonga the same day. You can pay for night milongas at the entrance.

* payments are accepted in Belarusian rubles only, price in Euro is stated for information.

Kvartal — dance hall is located in a 2-storey building in the courtyard of Kuybysheva 22, laminate flooring.

Open-air — Cafe Austeria Uršula, Engels 7, laminate flooring.


Ania Poliakova (Brest, Belarus)

It's always hard to say in which part of the world I'm today.
I enjoy people with sense of humor, adventures and of course good tango music. To play for dancers is some kind of magic, how great is it to have a possibility to create the mood for many people and to make them a little bit happier. I mostly prefer delicious classic. My best tandas have been inspired by my dancing friends.

Dasha Sukhorukova (Minsk, Belarus)

Dasha has been DJing for more than 2 years at regular Minsk milongas, Minsk Tango Fusion Marathon. She is a co-organizer of Minsk Spring Tango Festival.
"I'm in love with tango music. Even when I'm only listening to it, my body can't help dancing. At milongas I try to treat dancers with some "yammy" tandas from "Epoca de Oro", however I do not avoid playing younger orchestras. Cannot imagine a milonga without D'Arienzo, Biagi, Di Sarli, Pugliese and Canaro milongas. I also love to have fun and sometimes play foxtrots -- it is crucially important for me to see smiles on people's faces :) "

Alisa Zurmutai (Riga, Latvia)

I love happy dancers :) And I like to influence their mood: to add romance for those in love, energetic music for the active ones, more complicated music - for the warmed up ones. But my favourite thing at a milonga is when the dancefloor becomes one body, when people dance not only with one another and the music, but with other couples, floor, DJ and the space, as though time does not exist. I play the golden age music, but according to the mood there can be dosed inclusions of younger music. And chacarera!!! I love it so much!

Sasha Volcheck (Minsk, Belarus)

“The idea of DJing has always attracted me. But I couldn’t imagine that it would come true in tango! I liked different orchestras in different periods, but D’Arienzo with Hector Maure has always been my favourite. I am attracted by details in music - everything that is not on the forefront. Sometimes you can find there a whole world!”

Lesha Doroschenko (Minsk, Belarus)

“Usually I try to play a lot of Di Sarli and D'Arienzo, adding other good stuff in between. I think that a DJ does a really great job when dancers aren't afraid to miss a good tanda (to chill at the bar or chat with friends) just because they know that there's more wonderful music coming.
I started DJing in Minsk in 2009. I wanted to dance to music I liked and this provided the opportunity. It helped tango in my city to grow and develop as well. Now I enjoy DJing as much as dancing. Over the years I've worked at Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish and of course Belarusian tango events."


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